What makes us your best choice?

At Plugin Talents, we understand that selecting an outsourcing partner is a critical decision that impacts your business’s efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

What makes us your best choice
Stringent Selection Criteria 1

Stringent Selection Criteria

We ensure that every candidate entering the Plugin Talents network undergoes rigorous testing and thorough vetting, resulting in an impressive 98% success rate in transitioning from trial to permanent employment.

Efficient Recruitment

We commit to a swift recruitment process within a 5-day timeframe. Additionally, we customize your workforce size with no legal obligations and offer flexible contracting options, ranging from part-time to full-time positions.
Efficient Recruitment 1

Streamlined Recruitment Management

We support you with a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) solution, simplifying the recruitment process and providing end-to-end tracking capabilities for seamless recruitment management.
Streamlined Recruitment Management
Pioneering Change


We possess extensive experience in managing similar projects through collaboration with our affiliated company, Skills Bank, renowned as a leading training provider in Egypt and the Middle East.

Expert Trainers

We carefully select experienced trainers and collaborate closely with them to ensure their ability to effectively transfer knowledge engagingly and interactively during training sessions.
Expert Trainers 1
Team 1


We have a highly adaptable team that possesses the requisite project management skills to effectively manage such projects. Additionally, we deliver progress reports within agreed-upon timelines to ensure thorough documentation of the process.

Facilitating recruitment processes

We simplify recruitment steps by shortening time, completing paperwork faster, and avoiding wasted time.
Facilitating Recruitment Processes
Accurate Implementation Of Payroll Calculations

Accurate implementation of payroll calculations

We ensure accurate payroll statements are provided to employees and companies on time without errors.
Supervision Of Social Insurance Procedures

supervision of social insurance procedures

We handle social insurance procedures and provide sufficient guarantees to prevent any issues or complications that may cause dissatisfaction among employees.

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